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Starting your company
Dissolution, Cancellation or Withdrawal Services

Dissolution, Cancellation or Withdrawal Services

Every state has laws pertaining to the dissolution of business entities. However, far too often business owners fail to realize the laws that are applicable to their business until fines or penalties have already been imposed by the state. Once you form either a corporation, LLC, or a foreign filed entity, there are steps that need to be taken should you decide to cease operations or dissolve your company. is ready to assist you with these necessary services, but first let's examine what steps are involved and how they apply to your business. 

There are statutory requirements that apply to all business entities, even if the company isn't actively operating, functioning, or conducting business transactions. In so long as your company is filed with the Secretary of State office it is considered to be a viable business entity whether it is in good standing or not. Therefore, it is not only regulated as a functioning business, but it is also subjected to all laws, taxes, penalties and other fines pertaining to business ownership and operation. 

Henceforth, it is imperative that you proactively protect yourself and your business from unnecessary fines, fees, and penalties. It is of critical importance that you formally and legally dissolve your corporation, withdraw foreign filed entities or cancel your LLC.  These options typically constitute the most common categories of business entities, so consult your accountant to determine which applies to your company and how we can best serve your needs.

Failing to officially file either a dissolution, cancellation, or withdrawal allows the state to continue to assess fees on your business entity. In many cases, the principals of the entity could also be responsible for fees, taxes, or be held personally liable for unforeseen legal actions against the company. 

So! How can you avoid this costly mistake? offers simple solutions to legally dissolve your business entity:

The Process

Fill out the online order form by clicking the order now button below. Once your order is in our system, a® representative will contact you to confirm your order and ensure all of the information that we need is on the order form. will prepare and file your necessary documents to dissolve/withdraw/cancel your entity. In cases where your original signature is required, may send documents to you for your signature and then forward the documents to the appropriate office.
Once we receive the filed certificate of dissolution, withdrawal or cancellation from the Secretary of State, we will prepare a final packet and mail it to you.

Let's get started! Enter your information on this page and one of our experts will contact you shortly.


Be certain to speak to your accountant or legal counsel prior to making any final decisions regarding any and all aspects pertaining to your business. All information contained herein is meant to be strictly informative and in no way constitutes professional advice.

Page updated on 2015-09-13

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