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Starting your company
Other Amendments: Articles Amendment | Amend Business Purpose


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OTHER AMENDMENTS TO YOUR ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION/ORGANIZATION: ARTICLE AMENDMENT / BUSINESS PURPOSE AMENDMENT often receives questions regarding whether or not anything needs to be done should you decide to change various aspects of your LLC or Corporation. The answer is yes. While this information does not encompass every change required in every situation, we are able to provide a basic overview of a few of the most common Amendments.

Article Amendment:

Changing any information registered in your corporation’s Articles of Incorporation or your LLC’s Articles of Organization requires you to file what is known as an Article of Amendment or Certificate of Amendment. This should be done in the state in which your corporation or LLC is registered to do business. If you need to change any information about your corporate shares (such as the par value of the shares or the volume) you need to file a Share Amendment. Changes to the name of your corporation or LLC require a Name Change Amendment.


Revising the purpose of your corporation or LLC (as the purpose was stated in your original Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization) require you to file an official amendment to those documents in the state in which that business was incorporated.

Before you make any changes to your LLC or Corporation, strongly urges you to seek legal counsel. Should you decide that any Amendment is appropriate for your business, we have highly trained specialists ready to assist you. Let's get started!

Disclaimer: The content contained herein is meant strictly for informational purposes only, and in no way constitutes legal or tax advice.

Page updated on 2015-10-26

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