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Apostille Service to Certify Business Documents for Foreign Countries


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Apostille Service to Certify Business Documents for Foreign Countries

Certifying corporate documents for foreign use

When your corporation or LLC wants to do business in foreign countries (outside of US) you will most often require “apostillized copies” of your documents. This is the legal process that allows foreign countries to know that your documents are true and correct. For corporations you would require an apostillized copy of Articles of Incorporation and for Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) an apostillized copy of your Articles of Organization. Many other kinds of documents can be apostillized, including certificates of marriage, death, birth, national identity and passports, to name a few.

In order to do banking business in a foreign country the Apostille for the country in which you want to do business is almost always required. Some countries require your documents to show a gold seal.

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